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Genomic Tests

Rare and inherited diseases

Read about the range of tests for those with rare and inherited diseases.

Cancer (solid tumour)

We are currently expanding our portfolio of tests for cancer as we work towards full implementation of the National Test Directory for Cancer.

Haematological malignancy

We provide molecular genetic and cytogenetic testing for the diagnosis and follow up of haematological malignancies.


We are continually expanding our tests to help determine effective treatment for patients.

National Genomic Test Directory

The National Genomic Test Directory specifies which genomic tests are commissioned by the NHS in England, the technology by which they are available, and the patients who will be eligible to access to a test.

Test order forms

If you know which test you want to order and how to order it, this link will direct you to the forms you need.

Whole genome sequencing

WGS has been launched across all seven GLH’s to test for a range of rare disease, solid tumour and haematological malignancy indications.

Patient choice and consent

An appropriate discussion of genomic testing must take place before testing is requested.

Sample requirements

Please ensure you follow the specific sample requirements for the test you need.

Transport of samples

Please read our instructions on the transport of samples.

Our assays

We use a range of assays to carry out the tests listed in the National Test Directories.

Turn around times

The turn around times for Genetic/Genomic tests have been specified by NHS England.