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Cancer (solid tumour)

We aim to provide equal access to high quality genomic testing for all patients across the East Midlands and East of England. We are currently expanding our portfolio of assays for cancer as we work towards implementation of the National Test Directory for Cancer.

The solid tumour (or acquired cancer) tests we provide may inform diagnosis and prognosis across a diverse range of cancer types. They may also reveal gene variants which provide novel treatment opportunities via targeted therapies.

Cancer testing is funded centrally by NHSE. Referring Trusts will therefore not be charged for these services when referred to their designated GLH.

Expanding our range of solid tumour tests

As we take on board a higher volume of requests and greater range of assays, our focus is to ensure results will be delivered within clinically appropriate turn-around times to maximise opportunity for clinicians and patients. We aim to prioritise clinical indications for lung and brain cancer in addition to eligible patients for NTRK.

We anticipate rolling out new assays via a phased approach, initiating specific clinical indications at individual NHS Trusts consistent with our testing capacity. We are working with all Trusts directly on this, so please contact us if you require any further information.

For details of solid cancer tests currently available please see our request form.

Information on our turn-around times are listed here.

Ordering a test

Within the Cancer National Test Directory, tests are categorised by clinical indication using specific test codes (each test has a numerical ‘M’ code). The code indicates the clinical indication, the genes or locus targeted, and the assay used to interrogate the specific variant type.

The National Test Directory for cancer is available online (opens in a new tab). Not all tests in the National Test Directory will be available at launch. The current tests offered by the East GLH are listed on our referral form; consent forms are required for some tests.

If you require a whole genome sequencing (WGS) test and are new to the process, please refer to our main whole genome sequencing page for further information on the process and the necessary training prior to your first referral.

Order forms

i) For the majority of tests, please use our standard test order form which can be found here.

ii) If you require a Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test, please use the specific forms as listed on our WGS page.

Germline testing

Germline tests for certain familial (inherited) cancer genes are available for patients with a family history via referral from a clinical genetics team. Details of how to order a germline test are available here.

Germline testing of DPYD is also available to inform toxicity to anti-tumour chemotherapeutics. Information about this test is available here.