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East Genomics

DPYD Testing

Leads: NHS North West and NHS South East GMS Alliances

DPYD testing looks for variants people carry that mean they cannot breakdown a common form of chemotherapy drug (fluoropyrimidines) that could potentially lead to severe side effects and in rare cases it can be fatal.

This project aims to ensure that DPYD testing is equitable, standardised and optimised across England and to ensure the testing itself is clinically effective by looking for other potential variants.

This will be achieved by auditing all hospitals where these chemotherapy drugs are used to ensure the right number of tests and dosage of the drugs are being prescribed, explore other potential variants that could be prevalent in other ethnic communities and to raise awareness.

115 hospitals across England refer patients for testing, with NHS Genomic Laboratory Hubs (GLHs) processing approximately 3,100 samples every month, with 198 patients found to carry a single variant or 2 variants each month (up to November 2021).

Ensuring all patients who carry these variants are identified could reduce the toxic reactions among patients and widening the search for new variants could help ensure testing is effective for all communities.