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Clinician webinar: Circulating Tumour DNA project

In support of the national roll-out of ctDNA testing to a further 10,000 patients, we are running two identical 30 minute sessions on Monday 29 April, and Thursday 2 May 2024, to share with healthcare staff the pathway, supporting resources/documentation and information on the testing process including how to order testing kits.

The national ctDNA pilot, funded by NHS England, is implementing a genetic test in patients with suspected non-small cell lung cancer. It is currently being rolled out to a further 10,000 more patients, and is helping clinicians understand the genetic mutations driving tumours, allowing them to provide the most precise treatments earlier than standard tissue biopsies.

These 30 minute webinars will explain more about the project, and how you and your Trust can join the onboarding, access testing kits and access further guidance, documents and support. Register your free place on one of our webinars here. Please note: the content will be the same across both sessions.

Cancerous cells and tumours leak DNA into the bloodstream as the tumour grows. It is possible to look for these fragments of DNA as a way to determine if a tumour is present and so confirm a diagnosis. This form of testing could lead to much earlier diagnosis of cancer leading to faster and more effective treatment. This could save the lives of patients living with cancer.

The ctDNA testing process is non-invasive, involving a blood draw that is sent away for testing. Results are delivered within 7 days. It is complementary to molecular testing on tissue biopsy samples, but compared to tissue delivers complete results, faster and enables complete testing for 3x more patients.