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A wide range of resources are available for healthcare professionals in need of further information or support in genomics.

General resources for healthcare professionals

Health Education England’s Genomic Education Programme (HEE GEP) has a number of resources designed to help healthcare professionals bring the benefits of genomic medicine to patients. You can browse their resources here: (opens in a new tab)

Genomics Toolkit for those working in primary care

The Genomics Toolkit has been developed in partnership with RCGP and Health Education England Genomics Education Programme to support increasing understanding, raise awareness of Genomics Medicine and support primary care with increased knowledge of how genomics can contribute to improving patient care in a 'genomics era'.

This toolkit is designed to be used by the entire clinical primary care team. The content development has been informed by the relevant RCGP Curriculum Statement, and on the findings from a Delphi survey conducted by HEE which identified knowledge, skills and attitudes in Genomics required by the primary care team.

Consent and Confidentiality guidelines and training

The referring clinician must ensure they have an appropriate discussion of genomic testing and the possible implications for a patient and their family members according to the Consent and Confidentiality in Genomic Medicine guidelines. (opens in a new tab)

A record of this discussion must be retained within the patient record when a genomic test is ordered, as outlined in the Patient Choice Consent Framework (opens in a new tab). This competency framework identifies the core competencies required to facilitate and consent patients for germline genomic tests.

Training for the Patient Choice Consent Framework is available online at East GLH Genomics Online Learning Portal – Patient Choice (opens in a new tab)

Clinicians must complete this training prior to ordering Whole Genome Sequencing.

Other resources

NHS England (opens in a new tab) provides an overview of NHS genomic medicine service

Future Learn (opens in a new tab) provides free courses including: ‘What is genetic counselling?'

The future of genetics in medicine (opens in a new tab) contains information on how developments in genomics are transforming knowledge and treatment of conditions such as diabetes

Lynch syndrome web resources (opens in a new tab)  includes guidance for pathologists and colorectal MDTs

At East Genomics, we are happy to provided tailored education sessions for clinical teams within the East of England and East Midlands. Please contact gemma.chandratillake@nhs.net to discuss your needs.