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Led by the South East GMSA with tech development by UBQO, QGenome aims to facilitate genomic testing of common conditions and rare diseases through an app-based clinical decision aid.

What is QGenome?

QGenome is a free NHS England-funded app offering clinicians readily-accessible, evidence-based clinical guidance and a streamlined mechanism to instigate genomic investigations and onward referrals, where necessary.

What does QGenome offer?


  • is a point of care tool for any healthcare professional or multidisciplinary team who needs guidance navigating the role of genomic testing at various stages of the patient pathway.
  • enables busy clinicians to quickly distinguish between patients with sporadic disease and those with a potential genetic condition by highlighting the relevance of genomics at specific decision points in their patient’s management.
  • is aligned to the NHS National Genomic Test Directory (opens in a new tab), with links to genomic test request forms, record of discussion forms, national guidelines and published literature.

How do I download the app?

QGenome is available on iOS and Android devices and as a web app.

For further information, including how to download, please see our blog post here.

Milestones and next steps

In September 2022, South East GMSA began a pilot expansion into North Thames and East of England, with the North Thames GMSA and East GMSA respectively. In the future, the ambition is for QGenome to expand into all GMSA regions.

Meet our team

  • Professor Marc Tischkowitz, Professor of Medical Genetics and Honorary Consultant, Cambridge University Hospitals
  • Contact QGenome (opens in a new tab) for any queries about the operation or content of the app.