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Transport of samples

Please send samples at room temperature. Please use either Royal Mail or a designated approved courier.

If the sample cannot be sent directly to the laboratory, store at +4°C and send at the earliest opportunity. Do not freeze samples.

Packaging requirements

Samples sent by Royal Mail must comply with Packing Instructions 650 for category B substances.

The specimen container must be placed in an individual clear, plastic, marsupial transport bag properly sealed at the top to contain potential leakage. The outer packaging for the specimens transported by postal services must be marked with diamond shaped mark UN 3373 and Biological substances, Category B.

For further information on our sample requirements, please go to out Sample Requirements page.

Send samples by Royal Mail and Courier to:

Cambridge University Hospitals:

East Genomics Laboratory Hub

Genomics Laboratory Specimen Reception

Box 143, ATC Level 6

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Hills Road



University Hospitals Leicester:

Cytogenetics Department

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Infirmary Square



Nottingham University Hospitals:

Nottingham Regional Genetics Laboratories

East Midlands Regional Molecular Genetics Service

Centre for Medical Genetics

City Hospital Campus

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Hucknall Road