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Haem-onc Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The Twist Haem-onc NGS panel is a targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel in which full coding exons of 61 genes relevant to haemato-oncology are sequenced. It can detect single nucleotide substitutions and small insertion/deletion variants with a formal limit of detection of 5% variant allele frequency (VAF, e.g. 10% of cells in a sample harbouring a heterozygous mutation). It is therefore not adequately sensitive for minimal residual disease monitoring. Variants with a lower VAF will be reported with a caveat that they are low level and these should be interpreted with caution.

The full gene list is shown below, but subpanels of genes are analysed and reported depending on the clinical indication. The genes analysed in each sample will be detailed on the methodology section at the bottom of the report. If information regarding variants in additional genes that have been sequenced by the panel, but not analysed or reported is required, this can be performed upon request by contacting the laboratory.

Further information on this assay can be viewed here.

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