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Cerebral palsy pilot study pre-school information leaflet

The NeuralNET: Research to impact diagnosis, mechanistic understanding and treatment of children's brain and mental health disorders – a pilot study in cerebral palsy


This patient information leaflet has not been converted to a web page and remains available as a PDF. It does not meet accessibility standards, but is essential to providing our services.

Reasons why

A number of our patient information leaflets have pages that are to be completed by the patient:

  • consent forms
  • workbooks
  • diaries e.g. food intake diary
  • other forms

Some leaflets include information in a format that cannot be converted:

  • complex tables e.g. medication
  • flowcharts
  • pathways
  • diagrams

This leaflet can not be converted as it uses graphics to make it more attractive and easy to read and understand for young children.

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