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A cloud-hosted centralised database for genomic information, enabling access and collaboration between our region's Trusts.

What is PhenoTips?

PhenoTips is a centralised, cloud-based database for family history and associated information that integrates with the existing Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) used at the three East GLH laboratory sites (Nottingham University Hospitals, Cambridge University Hospitals and University Hospitals of Leicester).

What are we doing?

A significant blocker to embedding genomics into care pathways is the fact that computer systems often don’t integrate or ‘talk’ to each other within and between NHS Trusts. By harnessing technology we aim to support a large-scale clinical change of practice across primary and secondary care to open up genomic testing to more and more patients.

By rolling-out PhenoTips across Trusts in the East GMSA region we hope to enable seamless data sharing and referrals and streamlining of the genetic test requisition process. Ultimately this will ensure equity of access to genomic tests commissioned by the NHS National Genomics Test Directory, and facilitate collaboration within and between NHS Trusts.

Who are we working with?

PhenoTips is based in Toronto, Canada. They are a medical software and data company whose mission is to "empower clinicians to provide life-saving, personalised care to patients through technologies that make clinical data complete, standardized, shareable, and interoperable".

Progress and next steps

  • Continue to facilitate system integration / data sharing of family history between and within Trusts to support streamlined workflows in relation to decision making, risk assessment, MDTs & research.
  • Expand the use of PhenoTips to specialists within secondary care (e.g. cardiology, oncology, nephrology) and primary care using the regional inherited cardiology conditions services as an exemplar.
  • Support implementation and training in relevant medical specialties tith the regional genetic services.

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