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Rare disease - whole genome sequencing (WGS)

If you have not ordered a whole genome sequence (WGS) test before and need further information on the process or training required in order a WGS test please refer to the overview webpage.

The Test Order form and Record of Discussion forms can be completed electronically or printed and completed by hand. To complete electronically, please download these forms onto your computer and open in Adobe software to enable electronic editing; please use the space bar if you need to leave any boxes blank (e.g. in postcode box).

Please send the completed forms (including Record of Discussion form) to, and include “WGS Rare Disease” in the subject heading.

Referral form

Record of discussion form

The record of discussion form has been translated into a number of languages. These are available here.

Patient information - rare disease WGS

These are also available in various languages and can be accessed here.

Consultee declaration form

If the person completing the WGS Record of Discussion form is a consultee (relative, friend or advocate on behalf of an adult who lacks capacity), a consultee declaration form is also required to enable the patient to participate in the National Genomic Research Library (NGRL).

Young Person Assent form

If a person is between the age of 6 and 15, this form can be completed to record their decision to participate in the National Genomic Research Library (NGRL).

Withdrawal from National Genomic Research Library form