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Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Case Finding projects

Eclipse Live FH Hub Case Finding Project

The Eclipse Live FH Hub Case Finding Project will be launched soon.

FH Child-Parent Screening Programme

The Child-Parent Screening Programme (opens in a new tab) is a part of the Academic Health Science Network Lipid Management and Familial Hypercholesterolaemia national programme and aims to identify families with FH.

With parental consent, a child is tested for FH at their routine one-year immunisation visit. A small blood sample is taken using a heel prick capillary test to measure cholesterol. In children with a reading above the 95 percentile, genetic testing will be performed. If the child receives a genetic diagnosis of FH, cascade testing in both parents will find that at least one of the parents will also be affected by the condition.

Cascade testing in other family members can be tested and treated as necessary.

This pilot is only in a small number of GP Practices. If your GP Practice is interested in hearing more, or signing up as a pilot site, please email CVDTeam@eahsn.org.