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East Genomics

National and local transformational projects

Transformation of health and care through a fast changing national Genomic Medicine Service will be delivered through a programme of workforce transformation together with national and regional projects.

Local projects

  1. United against prostate cancer​
  2. Implementation of a regionwide Cloud based Pedigree and Phenotyping Tool (PhenoTips®) to support equitable delivery of genomic medicine and access to the NHS genomic test directory​
  3. Workforce transformation in Paediatrics-pilot study to embed paediatric genomic practitioners in neonatal and paediatric intensive care and paediatric neurology. An evaluation study. ​

National projects

  1. Improving the identification and treatment of monogenic diabetes - useful information can be see here.
  2. Optimising and improving the clinical effectiveness of DPYD gene testing for patients with cancer
  3. Sudden Cardiac Death. To support the national British Heart Foundation (BHF) pilot scheme being carried out by linking directly into the broader infrastructure of the Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions units.
  4. Delivery of a comprehensive service for the detection of Lynch syndrome
  5. Embedding implementation of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) services in primary care
  6. Enabling Nurse Leaders to drive the strategic and systematic integration of genomics across nursing and midwifery practice in the NHS in England. A framework for Nurse Leaders to underpin transformation in identified clinical pathways
  7. Pathology transformation to support rapid cancer genomic diagnostics

Further information on each project will be added soon.